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I can provide your organization with top-quality documentation services, including technical manuals, online help, and embedded help to assist customers in using your services.

Potlikker.com is a sole proprietorship registered with the state of Texas. Often times a company may have a need for a technical writer to document a finite project but not enough work to justify hiring a full-time equivalent. That's where I come in. I have 14 years' professional experience working in writing and editing as well as 7 years' professional experience working in the software industry. As a former full-time Web developer, I can leverage solid knowledge of Internet fundamentals to quickly get up to speed on any projects relating to Internet technology.

I have worked on projects in the following areas:

  • Network security:
    • Anti-virus
    • Anti-spam
    • Anti-phish
    • Content filtering
    • Reputation services
    • Damage cleanup
    • Protection of Linux servers
  • Product life-cycle management
  • Open-source documentation
  • Remote management of sensors
  • Real-time operating systems

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Important to note: although I can assist with some graphic work, Potlikker is not a Web design firm.

  • Information architecture: We can help you map out where things go on your site and how the information is organized.

  • Domain names: We can help you find a name for your site and get the best deal for you.

  • Hosting: We can find the right web host for you and get you all set up there.

  • Design: Although not a design firm, we will gladly work with any designer you like or find the right designer for your site.

  • Development: This is what we do best: coding your actual site, making it look exactly like the design, and "making it work."

  • Maintenance: We can make additions or revisions to your site as needed.

April 2014

Potlikker Has Retired

As of the end of January 2014, Potlikker is no longer in business. It was a one-person consultancy, and, after a year as a full-time employee of a great little high-tech company, I felt it was time to close the doors of my little consulting shop.

Thank you for your interest.

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