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Tools in Our Toolkit (Only a Partial List!) Forms: List Boxes

So here's the fun part: Choosing the kinds of bells and whistles you want on your site!

Our Approach

Shown here is a list of just the most common elements that people like to use on their sites. We can always do more!

Click on the tool you're interested in to see a description and/or a sample of it in the right column.



Some of the tools we can use for Web services:

For Technical Writing:

  • Adobe FrameMaker 8.0
  • Adobe RoboHelp 7
  • Adobe Acrobat 3D

A list box (also known as "drop-down menus," "pick lists," "select boxes" and "pull-down menus") is simply a vertical list of text choices from which to select by clicking on your choice. List boxes can either be in the style shown below (only one item showing) or with a larger number of items showing.

What would you like to adopt?

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