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"Finding someone to help you build and modify a Word Press blogsite is no easy task. A former co-worker reccomended David. He's terrific! Responsive, thorough, and smart. There's not enough space to list all the positive adjectives. We consider him a valuable resource to our firm. Give him a call, well worth your time."
April 15, 2009
— Roberto Marinelli Mischak
Principal, Tsirigo's Orbit

"I worked with David quite a bit, tying front end functionality to the data driven backend of a site that HAD to look good. He was competent, inventive in coming up with solutions, capable of digging into more complex code and making sense of it. He personally invests himself in projects, and will go out of his way to ensure their success."
June 22, 2007
Bergen Moore, Software Developer, Della & James

"David is a pleasure to work with. He interacted very well with developers on my team, providing the UI design and direction needed to implement new features of the WeddingChannel.com online registry. David was always diligent and easy to work with."
June 15, 2007
Ron Pragides, Manager, Application Development, WeddingChannel.com



"We have been working side by side for one year long. David impresses me with his professionalism, though he works as a contractor for the company. Every time we turn to him for help, no matter what problem, all we need to do is to tell David the desired date and the background. He will actively contact the subject matter expert within the team and have a live interview with them. David is a reliable colleague whom we can count on. It's my pleasure to work with David. This is a true example how a virtual team distributed around the globe can work together, effectively." Feb. 4, 2009
Alex Yuan, Manager, China Development Center, Nanjing, China, Trend Micro, Inc.

"David's expert skills in writing are complimented by his curiousity and creative mind. He has an engaging friendly manner and people enjoy his company. His love of words and strength as a grammarian make him a very valuable member to any team. Aside from his peculiar tastes in snack foods, I can heartily recommend him for any writing or editing role." June 5, 2007
Kevin Wall, former Technical Writer, Trend Micro, Inc., Taipei, Taiwan

"David was a talented technical writer with a strong attention to detail. David was specifically interested in improving the usability of documentation at Trend Micro. He was always available to help someone out with questions concerning terminology and style and was an excellent team player." June 10, 2007
James O'Donnell, User Experience Architect - Enterprise Customer Business Unit, Trend Micro

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April 2014

Potlikker Has Retired

As of the end of January 2014, Potlikker is no longer in business. It was a one-person consultancy, and, after a year as a full-time employee of a great little high-tech company, I felt it was time to close the doors of my little consulting shop.

Thank you for your interest.

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